Total Darkness

When we moved to Alaska, there were many questions from friends and family, we still get many questions, about weather, but usually about how do you handle it being dark all the time. We try to explain that only a small part of Alaska experiences the total darkness, and total daylight, Based on the season.

We have both worked shift work and were not concerned about the long dark hours, that we were sure to experience, as with many people there was uncertainty about what it would be like to live through it. As it stands right now sunrise is just after 8am and sunset about 5 pm, we lose about 5 minutes a day.

This week we marked the end of daylight in the most northern part of Alaska, for the next 65 days, for the town of UtqiaÄ¡vik, (Barrow). According to an update by the US Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management, Alaska, one of the largest states in the US, is renowned as strange and mysterious as it now enters into 24-hour darkness throughout the winters. Alaska’s north and south poles are geographically located as such that the arctic community had their last sunset at 1:29 pm AKST (5:29 pm ET) on November 15 and will now see the sunrise at 1:16 pm AKST (5:16 pm ET) straight on January 22.

On the flip side, what is it like to have 24 hours of daylight, as with the darkness, to land of the midnight sun exists in the far reaching parts of Alaska, not the entire state, although it is an odd experience to be able to hike and explore at 1am during the summer.

According to a report by The Weather Channel, the Alaskans in UtqiaÄ¡vik (Barrow) experience two months of prolonged daylights during the summer solstice. The sun in the mysterious town is overhead for 24 hours, all through the day, including in the nights. This happens due to the location of the Arctic region on the globe towards the extreme northern pole, which sets the sun at only 6 degrees below the horizon. This gives rise to a civil twilight, the phenomenon that gives the impression of daytime in the town round the clock.

The adventures of Alaska are unending, and with each season we experience here, we continue to find things that astound us and give cause to believe that Alaska has something for everyone. Be it during the never ending night, or the days of the midnight sun. Plan your visit soon, #OurAlaskanDream @ouralaskandream would love to direct you in a perfect adventure to meet your needs.

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