Restaurants in Palmer, AK

Palmer Alaska has a ton of great restaurants to enjoy! Take a look at these popular eateries, and find a meal you can look forward to. While most of the restaurants are American-style, there are Japanese, Thai, and Greek ones. Keep your eye out for them!

Pizza Athena

If you want a meal to share, nothing is simpler and more delicious than pizza! While you could order a classic pepperoni or cheese, you have more unique options available to you.

There is a strong Greek influence throughout the menu. The Gyros Supreme pizza is a delicious choice, but you might want the Gladiator, the Olympians, or the Spartacus. We highly recommend you branch out here!

Noisy Goose

The Noisy Goose is the perfect family restaurant! The cafe has a cute, rustic feel to it, and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner! You can try American classics like steaks or omelets, but you can also find Alaskan delicacies such as reindeer sausage and fresh clam chowder.

This restaurant is perfect for adventurous foodies and those seeking something familiar.

Burger Jim

Sometimes all you need is a juicy burger! At Burger Jim, you'll have a bunch of options for these beefy sandwiches. The Jalapeno Cheddar burger, the Big Philly Burger, and the P-Town Bleu Burger are all must-try meals.

On top of the American cuisine, you could grab a Chinese entree too. The vanilla prawns are amazing, but they are just one dish you can experience.