Up Up and Away

We are at the beginning of a new adventure season here in Alaska, travel has opened up and people are getting out. Breakup is happening all around and we are up about 15 hours of daylight. With all that being said, Mr. and Mrs. have been out and about trying to find more fun things… Read more »

Iditarod, What it takes

One of the many things Alaska is known for is the Iditarod race, I want to share a bit of different view of the race, but first a bit of history. Dog mushers and dog teams have been part of Alaska’s history since it became a US territory. Early on patrolling and keeping the vast… Read more »

Six Months

New year, here at Our Alaskan Dream we survived 2020, it was our first full year open, and what a year it was. We are excited to start our second year here in Alaska, even with the crazy that 2020 was we were able to make a lot of positive changes. Our Alaskan Dream stepped… Read more »

Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis is defined in the dictionary as a natural electrical phenomenon characterized by the appearance of streamers of reddish or greenish light in the sky, usually near the northern or southern magnetic pole. When we set our dream on Alaska we have been hopeful to see the Aurora (Northern Lights), all of last winter… Read more »

Total Darkness

When we moved to Alaska, there were many questions from friends and family, we still get many questions, about weather, but usually about how do you handle it being dark all the time. We try to explain that only a small part of Alaska experiences the total darkness, and total daylight, Based on the season.… Read more »

Alaska Day

October 18 is considered Alaska Day. Alaska was only considered a territory of the United States after the United States purchased it from the Russian Empire in 1867. It was not recognized as a state until 1959, remaining in the territorial status all along. Alaska was officially recognized as a state on January 3, 1959 after long… Read more »

Termination Dust

If you search for the term, you wont find a definition in any of the normal places. Termination dust is an Alaskan term, that came about in the 1940, during the building boom in Alaska, The construction workers called the snowfall each year “termination dust” because it meant the end of their jobs would be… Read more »

Blueberries and Such

Adding berry picking to your fall visit to Alaska, will give you stories to take home as well as a sweet treat to enjoy. During your stay with Our Alaskan Dream, you will find that there are many, sweet treats made from the local berries. Which include fresh made Jams and Jellies added to your… Read more »

Unique Activities

When you think of Alaska, you think of mountains, hiking, hunting, fishing and remote wilderness. There is so much more to Alaska than common believes. One of the activities few realize is Alaskan, is Skiing, Skeetawk is a newly renovated winter activity mecca as it butts up to Government Peak Ski area, and Hatcher Pass.… Read more »

Adventure Awaits

At its peak, the Independence hard-rock gold mine was home to 206 workers and 16 families who lived high above tree line. Digging and blasting, these workers recovered 140,000 ounces of gold before the mine shut down in the wake of World War II. Designated a state historical site in 1982, the state has worked… Read more »