Month: June 2020

What is for Breakfast

Our Alaskan Dream provides breakfast every morning, if you need to be up early and dash off for a hike or an adventure let us know, we will have something for you to warm, grab or a protein shake to dash off with.

If you want to chill a bit before you start your day there will be a breakfast set out to enjoy, you can eat in the dining room and socialize, or take a plate to your room as you prepare for your day.

Breakfast is served around 8 am normally but can be adjusted based on your needs. We make breakfast choices so that you can try new things or stay with the basic options. We do try to honor all dietary needs and choices you just need to let us know what your needs are.

There is something new everyday of your stay, well we try, recipes are always shared if you love what we make, so you can make it once you are home. Mrs. makes homemade peanut butter, jams, and syrups for those who are interested.

Every afternoon you will find a home made treat for social hour, as well as a cool drink to grab as you sit on the deck, out in the gazebo or rest in your room.

When you visit with us you will never go away hungry, just like home.

Things to Do

Good afternoon, It has been beautiful weather here in Alaska, Perfect sunny days, temperatures in the 70’s, evening breeze and night time rain. As we are approaching vacation (holiday) season, I wanted to give a few shout out’s to some of the wonderful adventures you can have while visting with us here at Our Alaskan Dream.

K2 Aviation, in Talkeetna, will take you on a flight tour over and around Denali National Park. Your pilot will be your own personal tour guide with to enlighten you not only about the beautiful scenery but also about the history of Denali, Talkeetna and just some interesting facts you may want to learn. You won’t regret taking a flight with K2, it will be a perfect memory from your vacation.

Alaska Horse Adventures, Right here in Palmer Alaska, provide a year round adventure be it a Day at the Ranch, a trail ride on one of their horses, Kayak tour around Jim Lake, or a Winter Horse Sleigh Ride, you won’t regret this adventure, and might even find us there along beside you on one of the tours,

We Love our guests and visitors here at Our Alaskan Dream, we support small, and are active in our community, when you visit we will be glad to direct you in any adventure you might want to experience, we know many great shops locally that can help you find that perfect treasure to take home, and have even more friends who support us, who you can place an order from to get a perfect keepsake from your trip and say with us.

Have a great day, we look forward to hearing from you and helping you schedule a stay, and adventure.



The dictionary defines dream as, a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal. Welcome to Our Alaskan Dream B&B, we are so excited to have you join us on making this aspiraion come to reality, with your help and support.

A bit of history on how the dream sprouted and grew from Just the smallest concept. Mr. Bill (Stick) grew up in a large family, in a small town where there was nothing but space and areas to roam. He had the concept as a young man to take off with his gun and a sack of potatoes, end up in Alaska to hunt and live off the earth. Mrs. Laure has always wanted to take care of others, she loves to cook and make people feel loved and cared for, she has a way about her that makes you just feel at peace. She fell in love with Alaska a decade ago when a friend moved to the state and shared just a little with Laure. So a year ago, Bill and Laure took the aspiration, mixed with a bit ambiton and built the dream #OurAlaskanDream

With a full year living in Alaska under their belt, their dream has grown and become a home, and a place for people to visit, stay, and feel welcome. Bill and Laure have learned a lot about the area, the people and the adventure that makes Alaska what it is known for. When you visit Our Alaskan Dream B&B, you will find a place where you feel like part of the family, welcomed, loved and cared about. With a hello and possibly a hug if needed, to afternoon socials, home made treats, quite time in the library, or daydreaming on the deck. The secret of Our Alaskan Dream is love.

So join us as we grow our dream, making friends and family along the way, you may come as strangers but hope you will leave as friends.